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Due to the fact that the
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LUYHM requests to be placed on the 1st half of the program, if it is at all possible.

All of the songs that LUYHM ministers to are on CD; therefore a good working, loud enough to
hear CD player/soundsystem must be made available at the engagement for the choir’s use.
(Some choir members are hearing challenged so this request is imperative.)

Timeliness is very important to the choir.  LUYHM reserves the right to decline to stay for any
engagement that does not begin within 15 minutes of the advertised start time.

For full or mini concerts & engagements where LUYHM ministering segments will last  15
minutes or longer, LUYHM kindly requests that water be made available for the choir’s
replenishment & refreshment.

There are 2-3 songs that LUYHM ministers to in which the ladies of the choir wear pants. Is the
wearing of pants by female choir members acceptable for your engagement?
Donations & Love Gifts for appearances
are a
ppreciated & accepted (but not required)
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you will be contacted by our staff within 48 hours,
Thank you for your Request.

“Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord” – Psalms 134:2